About me

My passion, my wedding photography – 

I am Stefan, photographer, married and father of two. It is my passion to accompany people in love in their most beautiful moments. Life is full of lovely moments, which you can remember for years. In most cases we capture those memories in photos and make them part of our history. My beloved wife stands by my side in our small venture. For me, photography is not a service, it is a feeling.

When you book me, you book my time and the view through my eyes, which always adjusts to the given situation and due to the support of my professional equipment is able to capture unique perspectives and motives. To make sure both sides get involved adequately, we will have a briefing beforehand. Preferably via telephone or face to face. It’s easier to communicate that way than it is in long emails.

The Planning — 

Good preparation and communication on both sides is important to me. That sets a safe framework. I know, that this is helpful to be comfortable in front of the camera because every now and then I book a photographer myself, to take photos of me and my family. So I developed a feeling for both sides of the lens and can see things from the subject’s perspective. Regardless if it’s an amateur or a professional model.

I am getting myself into the most diverse situations with you and always use my humour and charm. Due to that and my tips and ideas that i share with you during the shooting I will surely be able to make you forget the camera too.

If you are interested now, just send me an e-mail and we can arrange a nonbinding getting to know each other.

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