homosexual wedding of Michaela and Karoline

At the beginning of this year I captured the homosexual wedding of Michaela and Karoline. For me as a wedding photographer it was the first lesbian marriage. Ever since the briefing Michaela and Karoline seemed very sympathic

to me and I was really glad they chose me as their photographer. They decided to have a civil wedding in the newly built tin foundry in Hamburg Barmbek. The party was topped off with a fire dance show of the ‘Feuerfee’. Thank you for the opportunity to be there. A few impressions of this special day of theirs:

Lesbische Hochzeit_0964
Lesbische Hochzeit_0965
Lesbische Hochzeit_0966
Lesbische Hochzeit_0967
Lesbische Hochzeit_0968
Lesbische Hochzeit_0969
Lesbische Hochzeit_0973
Lesbische Hochzeit_0974
Lesbische Hochzeit_0975
Lesbische Hochzeit_0977
Lesbische Hochzeit_0978
Lesbische Hochzeit_0979
Lesbische Hochzeit_0980
Lesbische Hochzeit_0981
Lesbische Hochzeit_0982
Lesbische Hochzeit_0971
Lesbische Hochzeit_0972
Lesbische Hochzeit_0983
Lesbische Hochzeit_0984
Lesbische Hochzeit_0985
Lesbische Hochzeit_0986