Showing love, showing intimacy, showing romance and having fun —

A couple shooting is very versatile and shows the expression of pure happiness. In case you are looking for perfect pictures outside of my studio walls, you can also book me as an outdoor photographer. Sometimes it is the charm of an old ruin, a glade in the autumn forest or the modern chic of the Hafencity, that makes your idea come true. You just have to look for a special mood and that is what this shooting is about.

[:en]Even if you are looking for something special, but are not yet certain about where or how – just approach me. Together we make it true! Traveling to your dream shooting location on the beach or in the mountains is possible, too.



When can we take pictures? 

The best images are taken around 1-2h before sunset. The low sun creates wonderful light, which gives the pictures that certain something.

What should we wear? 

Colour-coordinated clothes are usually the best. If possible avoid too red or gaudy colours. That’s how you blend in best with the location. I usually don’t recommend printed t-shirts, unless they are decent.

Every outdoor shooting includes: 

Every shooting includes all the best pictures of a shooting (around 50-150 pictures) processed in finest portfolio quality.

Of course all images are high resolution and without annoying water marks or logos. We will look for a location and take photos for circa 1-2 hours. Nice and relaxed.

My prices (more in my price lists) 

-prices are for private use-

Portrait shooting / couple shooting … starting at 299,00€

Family pictures (3-6 people) starting at 399,00€

Portrait shooting/ studio … starting at 149,00€

Kids shooting in the studio … starting at 69,00€

Family pictures in the studio … available on request

Wedding pictures … available on request

Extended shooting sessions / shooting trips … available on request